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25 April 2007 @ 04:53 am
So i hate working. The last 10 days of the month are when i do actual work. I have to do call schedules. i do roughly 175 call schedules a month. This means that each department faxes over a calendar or which doctor is on call for them. Generally each department has between 2 and 15 different on call drs. I hate hate hate doing call schedules. They make my head hurt. This month i have not wanted to do it. Usually i come in to work and get them all done withing 3 hours. But lately i can't make me self just do them. Like right now. It's 3:01 am i've done about 5 of the 30 i need to do. I'm in the middle of doing surgical attendings right now. I hate the surgical attending call list. There are 8 different schedules on there that are essentially the same exact thing. And then in a week they're just going to send me an updated list and change 50% of the schedule. I hate it. To top it off the program that we do the schedules on takes forever to load and do anything. Right now i'm waiting for the page to load so i can do the schedule for trauma burn icu. The building where i work is all silvery and windows. I'm not a fan. Occasionally i have to sit by a window and i get super paranoid that a deer or a raccoon or some other woodland creature is watching me. I'm weird. Alright i've only got about 5 schedules left to do now. Neurology and trauma burn. I'm done talking about work. Here's some random stuff i've been pondering lately.

I really want to learn to drive a stick shift. I'm terrified though that someone will be nice enough to teach me and then i'll fuck up there car and they'll hate me forever. But i do want to learn. Though i don't know if i have enough concentration to drive a stick. I'm an easily distracted person.

Lately i've been obsessed with Nathan Fillion. By obsessed i just mean i thinks he's pretty and therefore watch anything with him in it. Slither is good movie if you don't mind a bit of gore and grossness. The first time i watched it i covered my eyes for those parts but i'm over it now. It's a pretty funny movie. I bought Firefly the other day for the prettiness of nathan and because i love joss whedon and because it was only $20. I'm in love. It was a great show, too bad i never watched it back then and it was canceled. Now he's on Drive and i enjoy that show as well. Plus they boy from my favorite disney movie is in it.

4:01 and i am finished with my schedules until tomorrow. I know you're excited!

There are unicorns on my hoodie. Michael and i read a Shel Silverstein poem earlier about unicorns. We also had a discussion the other night at dinner about why unicorns are called unicorns. We haven't figured it out quite yet. We're thinking somewhere down the line someone made a mistake and put unicorn instead of unihorn. I need to buy the Giving Tree, I like that book quite a bit.

So, it was my birthday 18 days ago. I don't like being 24. I feel old, very old. I know i'm not. But i do. I also feel as though i've accomplished nothing with my life. I didn't go to school, i still live at home with my parents, no significant other, no real money to my name. I feel that by 24 i should have at least one of those and i don't. This makes me sad. Oh well, at least i have job and like 3 friends.

Someone go buy me Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey By Chuck Palahnuik and the giving tree..

I'm so happy spring is finally here. It make me happy to be able to wear flip flops. Too bad it took so long to get here. It would have been nice to have good weather on my birthday. But, it snowed as is usually does. That's okay i guess cause i don't remember the trip out of the bar back into the cold. I got to meet captain morgan on my birthday. He was at Bailey's handing out free stuff. He gave me a shirt for my birthday and everyone got a free drink with captain morgan in it. I don't like rum but i drank it, it was free. I would have thought that they would make the captain a little hotter but instead they made him kinda goofy. They send to pretty girls with him so the boys have something to look at but don't give any thought as to what the girls want to look at. Anyways, i got a picture with him. I think that's the only picture from that night where i don't look really drunk.

I think that's all of my randomness for now. It's 4:50 and i've been at this now, off and on, for almost 2 hours. Can you tell i get bored at work.
my so called Lifesandyra104 on April 25th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
hey yo,

I feel your age 24 blues, I'm in your same predicament and I'm almost 24 1/2 *shudders*
melissa_digitalpaper on April 25th, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC)
yeah i am in the same boat at 24...it's FUN~!